7 MediaBox Features You Need to Start Using

Whether you are a Ci basic, Pro, Team Workspace or Company Network user, you’ve likely sent or received a MediaBox or two. The simplicity of selecting files, packing a MediaBox and sharing with others for preview or download is one of the most beloved features in Ci. But did you know MediaBoxes are capable of…Read more 7 MediaBox Features You Need to Start Using

Ci Workspace Updates – Fall Edition

Since Ci Workspace 2.0 went live in July, we've been adjusting and tweaking the UX, and threw in some sweet feature updates too. Here's a quick summary of everything new! THE ALL NEW DASHBOARD Ci fans: "Our team sets up a new Workspace for each new project, can you make it easier to find my most frequently used Workspaces?"  Ci team: "Your wish is our…Read more Ci Workspace Updates – Fall Edition